Secrets to Get Everyone on the Dancefloor at Your Wedding

Our mission for every wedding is for our guests to have the time of their lives on our dancefloors.

Whilst the wedding music plays the biggest factor in doing this, we have shared with you some additional tips on how to secretly get people to the dancefloor (without the physical nature)


Ask guests to circle the dancefloor for the first dance:

This request should be announced by your wedding MC, and is a great idea for the following reasons:

  1. Firstly, it makes the married couples’ first dance more personable and inviting because they are surrounded by friends and loved ones.

  2. Secondly, it makes the photos and videos of the first dance much more inclusive because there is atmosphere on and surrounding the dancefloor by people with giant smiles and tears enjoying the moment (it also means the couple are not center of attention to an empty room for this special moment).

  3. Lastly (and probably most important) it allows people to join the married couple on to the dancefloor straight after the first dance is finished. By guests already being up standing for the first dance, it means they are already up on their feet and ‘ready to go’ in the location of where to dance the night away (strategic right?). This brings us seamlessly on to our next point:


Open the dancefloor to everyone straight after the first dance:

Getting people up and dancing as soon as your first dance is important. This part of the evening should signal the beginning of the party and the opening of the dance floor.

How do we do this? By inviting everyone onto the floor right after the couple complete their romantic first dance. This is a job that should be done by your MC.

A quick announcement by your wedding MC as soon as the married couples’ first dance song is over (or even during the final stages of the song) is the perfect moment to invite everyone on to the dancefloor and announce that the dancefloor is officially open!

You should also liaise with your wedding DJ to pick an epic party-starter song after your first dance or ask your DJ to play a tried and tested tune that fills the dancefloor (we recommend something upbeat, something everyone knows, and more importantly play it at a nice louder volume).


Use your Wedding MC to motivate the crowd and announce the opening of the dancefloor:

Following on from our previous point, your guests are more likely to follow directions from an experienced wedding MC and will look to your MC for announcements throughout the night, so your wedding day will proceed smoothly, and you can focus on enjoying every moment!

Besides knowing how to announce the opening the dance floor in a fun and extravagant way, there’s a balance of energy that has to happen from your MC.

A good MC will know how to encourage the crowd to get out on the dance floor and use a tone of voice to announce this that is fun, warm and engaging.

A warm and inviting announcement to let guests know that the dancefloor is open is key. From our experience, guests are attracted to this and see this announcement as the perfect time to make their way on to the dancefloor to party the night away.


Dim the lights

Having an amazing DJ/MC who can motivate the crowd through announcements and music selection is key, but what else can you do to help to change the vibe/energy in the room to get everyone in the mood to dance?

A perfect way to add an element of excitement to your party is through dance floor lighting. Lighting not only makes the dance floor more appealing, but it can work like a blanket to calm shy guests and draw everyone simultaneously.

All our wedding packages come with very very cool dancefloor lights go give that optimal effect to the room and create a fun atmosphere.Dimming the room lights after the couple’s first dance dinner and having lighting, patterns, or color illuminating the floor really attracts people’s attention and pulls them in that direction to the dancefloor.

It’s like a big stamp on that spot that says, “It’s GO time, so get over here and party!”

As mentioned earlier, we provide very cool lighting here at Ministry of DJs with all our wedding reception packages. Setting the right tone and feel on a wedding dancefloor is important to us, and by including disco lights and asking the venue to dim their in house lights when party time is on contributes to a great vibe in the room.


Attempt to do the formalities early

For couples whose main priority for their wedding reception is to have one ‘giant party’ we always recommend having the wedding formalities completed nice and early.

The end result of this would mean guests (and bridal party) can enjoy the rest of the night knowing they don’t have any major responsibilities left throughout the night and can relax and dance the night away with friends and loved once.

Some tips on how to do this include cutting the wedding cake as soon as the bridal party enter the room, capping speeches to 2-5 mins each, and having speeches completed early in the night or even during entrées or dinner service.


Let’s chat today on how we can light up your dancefloor on your wedding day!


Photo credit: Amber Wyn Jones