Adding a Bongos player/percussionist to your corporate party or wedding entertainment makes a perfect performance and a great addition to the DJ.


Percussionists always bring the music to life instead of having the rhythm play on from a regular aux cord. Beats and groove melding into DJ flow faster than a flam tap, and feeding off Afro-Cuban, Salsa and more.


Having a percussionist will encourage you and your guests to step out onto the dance floor and catch some good vibes. Not only will it enhance the event, but it will bring extra life to the experience and memories you’ll be making on the dancefloor.


Our Ministry of DJs percussionists and bongo players create a great vibe and atmosphere and complement the DJ to no end while playing together.


The musical harmony is unmatched and provides a premium experience every time. With a skilled entertainment group, your magical day is going to be even better with the good times that Ministry of DJs can provide for you.


If you’ve been trying to find a percussionist for wedding entertainment that will compliment the vibes, bring a good time, and play the soundtrack that you’ve been dreaming of for your special day, look no further.


There really isn’t a party like a bongo party!

Ministry Of Djs Percussionists and Bongo Player
Dom Percussionist
Ministry Of Djs Percussionists and Bongo Players