Bouquet Toss Wedding Music

The bouquet toss is a tradition in a wedding when the bride tosses her bouquet of flowers over her shoulders to a group of single women.

Whoever catches the bouquet is supposedly “next” to walk down the aisle (or so they say!).

Bouquet tosses can get competitive, even dangerous at times as we’ve seen in the past groups of women elbowing and jumping on each other to catch that covered prize!

If you chose to add this tradition to your wedding reception we always recommend doing this at the latter part of the night, with the help of the MC/DJ to coordinate it all. We also recommend doing this in the middle of the dancefloor, with plenty of space and height (note any chandeliers in the ceiling).

The wedding bouquet toss is a fun, light hearted activity and should reflect a suitable song to match. Below are some suggestions to help you chose your perfect bouquet toss song, with the most popular track being Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

Leave it to the Ministry of DJs to provide top wedding entertainment to support the soundtrack to your special day.

To listen to more bouquet toss wedding music suggestions please visit our Ministry of DJs Entertainment official Spotify page by clicking the link below:

Our feature image was taken at the gorgeous Aviary Room at Crown Casino in Melbourne, with the help of good wedding MC Dean Sindoni.

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