The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

So you are about to plan the biggest wedding day of your life. Where to start?

This blog may be your best friend! – We have written for you what we believe are the key items and timeframes to tick off your list to ensure your wedding is a success and help plan accordingly.


12-18 months out

A year and a half can feel like a lot of time, but in wedding planning, time can go by in the blink of an eye. So here is what to do 18-12 months before your wedding day:

  • Set a budget
  • Appoint your bridal party
  • Lock in a venue (reception & ceremony)
  • Begin drafting a guest list


10-11 months out

Around 10-11 months, you should be getting some of the details of your special day sorted out, booking top-notch vendors like photographers and DJs, choosing your dream wedding dress. Here is what couples need to get checked off their list at 10-11 months out:

  • Book your photographer
  • Book your wedding entertainment (ie DJ)
  • Send save the date communications to your guest list


9 months out

You’ve got 9 months to go – hooray! You’ll want to focus your attention on your wedding day look by setting up your first dress or suit fittings and, if you’re hiring makeup and hair artists, schedule your trial. Here’s what to focus on for your nine-month wedding checklist:

  • Shop for your wedding dress
  • Book your celebrant
  • Book or allocate a MC


8 months out

This eight-month window is also when you start focusing on guest-specific tasks like finalizing the registering for gifts, choosing bridesmaid’s dresses, and the guest list you’ve been working on. It’s also a perfect time to start meeting with your wedding suppliers. This will help organize your ideas and communicate your vision to your wedding vendors. Here’s what to do eight months before the wedding:

  • Select your bridesmaid’s dresses
  • Organise gift registry


7 months out

Take a moment and breathe deeply! You’re officially seven months out from your wedding date. Now things are really getting into motion. Here’s what comes next on your wedding planning timeline:

  • Book ceremony music/entertainment


6 months out

You’re six months out, so it’s time to book transport and rooms for out-of-town guests and get ready for cake testing! It’s also the right time to start thinking and planning a honeymoon. Here’s your official six-month wedding checklist:

  • Book your wedding vehicles
  • If venue is outside metro consider transport options for guests
  • Start your honeymoon planning


5 months out

Your wedding is getting so close! Now is the time when most of your details will start to fall into place, so be prepared for the storm of decision-making. Here’s what to do five months before the wedding:

  • Hire or purchase groom suit
  • Order wedding cake


4 months out

The special day is fast approaching – you’re only 4 months away from getting married, but if you’ve been following our tips, you’ll be well on track with your plans. You’ve made decisions about the most important things – the venue, the groom’s attire, and your dress. Now is the time to focus on the smaller–but still important details.

  • Send out official wedding invitations
  • Organise Bucks Party & Hens Party
  • Menu tastings with your designated venue
  • Purchase wedding bands
  • Plan wedding run sheet in conjunction with venue/entertainment/MC


3 months out

With three months to go until your nuptials, it’s time to cross off some of those tiny details that are easily overlooked. Trust us; you’ll be glad you got these little things out of the way early—allowing you to focus on more important details and reduce wedding planning stress in the coming months.

  • Write wedding speech
  • Finalise table arrangements


2 months out

With just two months left, use this month to make and finalize the playlist, buy small items and schedule the first dress fitting. This is your chance to provide your wedding DJ or other musicians with songs you do and don’t want to be played at the reception. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Submit Notice of Marriage document
  • Send DJ or entertainment music requests
  • Submit ceremony music to celebrant/DJ


2 weeks out

With just two weeks left to go, here’s the breakdown of what you need to focus on in your wedding planning checklist:

  • Hens & Bucks Party week
  • Chase up any missing RSVP guests
  • Send final run sheet to suppliers and vendors


1 week out

The final week before your wedding is a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Everything at this point is coming together, and your big day is just 7 days away, so here’s what you’ll need to check off the to-do list at this point:

  • Pack your bags for your honeymoon


Night before

As you’re prepping for your wedding day, there are just a few last-minute things to cross off your checklist. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself so that you feel your absolute best on your wedding day.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat well
  • Sleep!


Wedding day

Finally, the day you’ve waited eighteen months for has arrived. Congratulations! All the careful planning and hard work have led up to this point. It’s now time to celebrate and enjoy your day. Here’s what you need to do on the wedding morning.

  • Eat a decent breakfast
  • Prepare for photographer
  • Get ready for the party of your life!


Let’s chat today on how we can help you plan your special day!


Photo Credit: Blumenthal Photography