Why you should organise a wedding afterparty / recovery party

If you are planning a fun wedding with music, dance, and food, chances are all your guests are going to be having such a good time that they will never want the celebration to end (especially if we’re in control of the tunes!)

So why not you extend your celebrations a little longer by organizing a fantastic after party the day after your wedding (We promise you won’t regret having it!)

A wedding afterparty (or recovery party) is a popular trend that involves the gathering of your guests from the wedding the night before and meeting up again the following day where everyone can reminisce, continue the party, and laugh together about those funny and embarrassing moments that occurred during the wedding.

Still, thinking about it? Here are a few other reasons why you should organize a wedding after party!


#1 You could do it all over again:

When the wedding day is done, there will be mixed sentiments—you will be happy to have had such a marvelous wedding, however equally relieved and saddened that the big day is over. One thing is clear: you will wish you could relive that wedding vibe and have fun all over again.

Post-wedding parties are the best way to keep the festivities going, even after the big day. You can back up your magnificent wedding and let the good time roll on with your favorite guests at your wedding after party. There is also less pressure as there are no real formalities like speeches first dance or cutting of cakes so you can just relax, enjoy the day and enjoy everyone’s company. What’s not to like about this?


#2 You can spend more time with your loved ones:

There are a lot of things to do on your wedding day and a lot of people to see and acknowledge. You’re running around different events, from photography sessions to the first dance and welcome toasts to sitting down for your meal and of course plenty of dancing—it doesn’t leave much time to spend with your loved ones.

With the formalities and obligations out of the way, a post-wedding party allows you to have a proper chat with those you may not have had the opportunity to do so the day before in a more comfortable and stress-free environment.


#3 You have leftover food and drinks:

If you are lucky enough to have some delicious food and drinks (or wedding cake) left from the night before, why not share them with your friends and family at the recovery party?

Casual after-party options are affordable in terms of decor, food, and drink. You can also re-use wedding styling, flowers, and decor items at your wedding after party (you’re welcome!)


#4 You can be more casual:

Even modern brides and grooms usually have few traditional wedding details involved, so casual marriages can feel formal. However, a post-wedding party is just that—a party!

So whether it’s a BBQ and drinks at your backyard, heading to your favorite bar or even re-visiting your wedding venue from the night before, you can pick to celebrate in the most casual and relaxed way you like. No dresses or tuxedos are required (unless you want to, of course!)


#5 You’re A Big Music Lover:

Last but not least, a wedding after party gives you the flexibility to play the music that’s different (or the same) from your wedding the night before. Consider a playlist of upbeat romantic tunes or popular house music.

Having a professional DJ at your wedding afterparty will mix things up and get people moving again, reigniting the excitement and fun from the night before (As Rihanna famously says ‘Please don’t stop the music’)

We have had the pleasure of DJing at many wedding afterparties and cannot recommend them enough. Having an experienced DJ there will help liven up the mood and play tunes you and your guests want to hear, played at the right time! Our DJs are trained to read the crowd and ensure that the party never dies!


Let’s chat today on how we can create a wedding afterparty your guests will remember!