Talent Spotlight – Tim A

Tim Agius is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who performs regularly in various line-ups and contexts such as weddings, functions, bars & festivals, and in bands, duos & as an acoustic solo performer.

He is also part of a Swing/Big Band, a funk trio, & a 70s Rock group as a bass guitarist. His musical inspiration ranges from Motown to Bossa Nova to R&B to West African Funk.


We sat down to find out more about Tim and discover more about his musical background and wedding experience:


1) How long have you been a musician for/ how did it all start?

I was a super sporty kid, very passionate about footy and tennis, and had no music interest early on despite my Dad’s side of the family being fairly musical. However, my brother started learning bass, and with my cousin – who had started learning piano at 2 and was already highly competent on keys, drums and vocals by the time we were around 12-14 – started a band which I was basically forced to be in because they didn’t have any other musical friends! So I got my first guitar at 13, started learning and did enjoy the process, although for those first few years there were a lot of clashes between music and sport that caused me much conflict. In fact, there was one particular day where we had a local community festival gig that overlapped with my footy match. The times worked out so that literally as soon as we hit the final chord, I ran off stage and left the others to pack up my guitar, jumped into the car with mum behind the wheel, and drove straight to the footy match to join my team 5 minutes before game time!

We performed hundreds of gigs as an original band throughout our teens, including eventually on Australia’s Got Talent in 2009, and in hindsight, I am super grateful that I was basically thrown into the deep end in the sense of performing live before having even developed much skill on my instruments as that helped set myself up for a career as a working musician later on, as well as creating many fun and proud memories!

2) What do you love about performing at weddings?

It’s always a pleasure to see people truly revelling in the presence of their friends and family. Weddings are always fantastic opportunities for simple but profound human connection. As an entertainer, it’s a privilege to help create the atmosphere for the day/night, to help put smiles on guests’ faces, and to help them have a boogie!


3) What are your most popular songs played at weddings?

For the earlier, easy-listening sets, I find that a mix of soul, motown, jazzy tunes such as My Girl, Fly Me to the Moon, Just the Two of Us, and What a Wonderful World, always bring smiles to faces. Later on, when guests are more inclined to boogie or sing along, tunes such as I’m a Believer, Can’t Buy Me Love, Let’s Dance, and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, are a few of my favourites to play that do the job well.

Of course there are plenty more!


4) How do you prepare for each wedding you perform at?

Preparations generally include: learning any songs that are specifically requested for the bridal entrance, cake cutting or first dance, taking note of any particular songs or artists that the couple would rather not have played, making sure I’ve got all my equipment in order, petrol in the car, and then warming up the voice along the way!


To enquire about having Tim  play at your wedding or special event, please get in touch!