Our Top 50 Wedding Songs of all time

Ever wanted to know (and hear) what a Ministry of DJs wedding sounds like without having been to one?

Want to know what some of our best wedding dance floor fillers of all time are?

You are in luck! In this blog post, we have compiled for you our favorite mix of the top 50 wedding party songs, which are guaranteed to get your all friends and family members out on the dance floor.

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together the ultimate playlist of the 50 most popular wedding songs that will keep guests dancing all night long. Plus, we’ve turned all these songs into Spotify playlists, so all you need to do is click and play!


One of the most pivotal wedding moments in a reception is to see everyone pack the dance floor and enjoy themselves.


That is why when it comes to choosing your wedding music we want to ensure you that you have the right music that will make everyone want to get up and have the time of their lives on your dancefloor.

All of our DJs are trained to read the crowd and pick the right songs from your playlist to be played at the right times.

Our ultimate wedding playlist has over 3 hours of old and new hits, ensuring it will appeal to all kinds of audiences.

With so many modern and classic hits to pick from, choosing an epic mix of wedding dance songs and trying to narrow this down to only 50 wasn’t an easy task. There have been some really good tracks that couldn’t make the cut however we are quite happy of the current selection and trust you will enjoy them as much as our clients have throughout the years.

We have kept things upbeat and a good mix of old a new to cover everyone’s tastes. These songs are guaranteed to keep everyone, young and old, up on their feet all night long!

These best wedding dance songs are tried, tested, true, and recommended by the team at Ministry of DJs (so you can’t go wrong with this ultimate wedding dance floor playlist)

From Whitney Houston, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and more, here’s our roundup of the top 50 best wedding songs of all time! Enjoy and play it loud!

Dance like no one is watching!


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