When Should You Book Your Wedding DJ?

So you’ve picked a wedding date and a venue. That’s awesome (and in our opinion the hardest part!)

Now, you are on the way to planning a dream day of your life. Now, you are ready to begin planning about the most important element (in our opinion) of your wedding – the entertainment!

While wedding planning, you’ll soon realize how challenging and stressful the task of multitasking is – and can’t deal with everything at once. Advanced booking of the priority vendors makes the planning process less stressful and increases the chances of getting the wedding vendors you want.


So how far in advance of your wedding date should you book your wedding DJ?

Even though it can vary from season to season, the average newly engaged couples book their wedding DJ 9 to 12 months in advance.

Keep in mind that a higher number of weddings is expected this year after the ease of Covid-19 restrictions. That’s why we recommend you secure your first choice in wedding DJs as soon as you’ve picked a date & venue.

In this post, we dig down a bit deeper into how soon you should book a wedding DJ. So let’s get straight to the point!


An average timeline is 9-12 months before the Wedding Day!

The most common wisdom when booking your wedding DJ is around the same time as you book your wedding videographer and photographer. Approximately 9 to 12 months ahead of the wedding date is usually recommended for the better availability of DJs available.

  • 12 months earlier – If you’re getting married on the most popular days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Or, if you are having a wedding during the peak season (Spring, Summer and early Autumn), then at least a year in advance is when you should book a wedding DJ. One of the big reasons to book 12 months earlier is because top DJs always book fast on popular dates and peak wedding season. So if you hold up until the 6-month, you might have to compromise as your first choice of performer might already be booked.
  • 9 months earlier – If you’ve fixed your wedding date during the off-wedding season (mainly deep Winter months) or if you are going to have a weekday wedding, then you’ll get a little more flexibility here.



Hiring your wedding DJ might not be the first task of your planning process. At Ministry of DJs, we always try to be flexible, and accommodating when dealing with requests on tighter timeframes. We appreciate that weddings post Covid are often unpredictable with challenging timeframes to work with.

For that reason, we acknowledge that your wedding may not have the luxury of a longer timeframe to plan, and we will always go above and beyond to provide you with your entertainment services even on super tight timeframes. Having worked in the events industry for such a long period we are prepared for anything that comes our way!

Please get in touch if you wish to begin chatting about the most important aspect of your wedding – the entertainment!