Why Jewish Weddings Rock!

We are here to tell you what happens at a Jewish wedding, why we love playing at them, and why they are some of the biggest and wildest parties we have ever played at!


Jewish culture has always been focused on family values and the joys of starting a new home and bringing new life to this world. A wedding might be the most important occasion in the life of a Jewish person. And any big event deserves a big celebration!

However, Jewish Weddings take everything you know about celebrating and having the time of your life; multiply it by 10 and throw some glitters on!

Jewish weddings are full of authentic traditions that are as culturally significant as fun and groovy. From the iconic image of carrying the newlyweds on decorated chairs and throwing them up in the air for as many times as many kids, the crowd wishes them, to the totally Rock-Star-Style celebrations with crazy foam parties and dancing all night long.

And, of course, music remains the cornerstone and foundation for any party. But when it comes to arranging music for such an epic event as a modern Jewish Wedding, finding the right DJ is definitely the key to success.

Here, at Ministry of DJs, we have vast experience with these events and celebrations. But, of course, weddings remain the most exciting and important events in everyone’s lives. We probably know better than anyone else why Jewish weddings rock and how to make people feel that flaming vibe.

In this article, we dive deeper in what makes a Jewish Wedding rock and how to get the most out of this grooviest celebration in your life.


What is so special about music on Jewish Weddings?


Let’s be fair; Wedding Music Playlists often come with tons of cliches. On the one hand, it is pretty understandable that the bride and groom see it as the most romantic and festive event of their lives, and there are the evergreen classics that set the right mood right away.

But the “classics” often kill the originality, and you definitely want your wedding to be the event that will be remembered and discussed for a long time not only by your own family but also all the friends who receive the privilege to be a part of this epic celebration.

When it comes to Jewish Weddings, maneuvering between the “traditional” and “trendy” can turn into the ultimate roller coaster rides.

There are certain songs like Hava Nagila, Siman Tov Mazeltov and Mashiach that are the ultimate Hallmarks of a Jewish Celebration and are familiar even to those who are not familiar with the Jewish culture at all. Those songs are the perfect accompaniment for Hora – a fun folk dance common for many cultures, including the Jewish.

All that music and traditional dancing make Jewish Weddings so authentic and memorable, and therefore they are passed through generations preserving the core and essence of the culture.

But as much as you want to tribute the culture and make your Wedding stand out, it is essential to use trendy music hits and find modern mixes of the traditional songs. Otherwise, your guests, especially those who may have their first experience with a Jewish Celebration, will simply get shy, confused and prefer to sit in the corner and stuff their faces with finger sandwiches.

And there is no bigger buzzkill than a bunch of wedding guests who don’t dance!


The Secret Formula…


At Ministry of DJs we keep “The Secret Formula” of the perfect Jewish Wedding entertainment! – The DJ!

The best Jewish Wedding DJ is a person who does not only know all the traditional “evergreens” and their coolest modern mixes, but also feels the crowd and finds the perfect music for the perfect time.

Only the best Wedding DJ will manage to create an atmosphere where your big and happy Jewish family will enjoy themselves and feel the ultimate connection to the roots, while your non-Jewish friends won’t feel awkward and alienated. And those DJs are waiting for you right here, at Ministry of DJs!

We go out of our way to ensure the crowd is up on their feet dancing, having the time of their lives and pass those happy vibes to your newborn family! Our music is fun, upbeat and tailored individually to each party and event we play at.

Contact us today and get yourself the coolest DJ for your Jewish Wedding to make sure that the new chapter of your life will start with an epic celebration that will bring together one of the world’s richest cultures. Click here to witness a sneak preview on a recent celebration we were part of!

Let us entertain you!

Photo credit: Blumenthal Photography