How do you plan a simple Christmas Party?

Edit: we’re about to tell you how to plan THE BEST Christmas party (which happens to be easier than you think!)


Step 1: Set a date

Obvious one but a very important one. The earlier you can lock in the date, the better as the month of December is hot on the social calendar.

Booking early also helps with securing the venue you want and the entertainment you want (cough cough)

Additional things to consider include when selecting a date for your Xmas party include weekdays vs weekends, dates that clash with work events/meetings (the next day), and how close it is to the 25th of December (It is not uncommon these days for Xmas parties to be held in October for example)


Step 2: Communicate

Communication is key – As soon as your venue is booked it’s time to spread the word ASAP!

The sooner you tell your work peeps the sooner they can block out this date and begin to get excited about what to wear, etc.

Ensure you also mention the Xmas party in office comms/emails and make sure there are signs/posters in the office so people don’t forget.


Step 3: Book the right venue

You would be surprised to find out how the choice of venue for your Christmas party can impact one’s decision to attend.

If you have budget try and pick somewhere nice, cool and upcoming that not too many people have heard of, to add that wow factor.

Venues with nice skyline views or rooftop bars are always popular however book out quickly so get in quick!

Try and also book a venue that is also easy to get to and easy to get home (for obvious reasons).


Step 4: Book the right DJ

Essential for many reasons – Music is what will make or break the party, so it is important to pick a DJ that is experienced, fun and knows what to play and when to play it.

We can proudly say that all our talented team of superstar DJs at Ministry of DJs Entertainment tick all the above boxes and more.

All of our DJs are known for bringing the fun into Christmas parties by playing non-stop party hits crowds adore.

We also love doing our research before the event by working closely with our clients to discover what everyone’s favourite songs are for our DJs to play them at exactly the right moment of the night! Special right?


Step 5: Buy props

It’s a Christmas party after all so why not bring some fun into it!

Simple props like Christmas crackers placed around the venue, Santa hats and Christmas decorations add some ambience and is super cost effective.


Step 6: Get the work peeps involved

Set up a planning committee and recruit some staff willing to help.

You’d be surprised by how many people will be up for this (bonus is all the ideas they bring to the table) #collaboration


Step 7: Hire a photo booth

You’ll thank us for this later.

Photobooths are a great way to create memories from your party and keep them in the form of photos/photo magnets.

It’s also a great opportunity to use these snaps for around the office to reminisce about that fun Christmas party you had.


Step 8: Food

When it comes to food at Christmas parties, eating is not cheating.

Ensure you have a good selection of food options that spread throughout the whole night (yes that includes those delicious mini hamburgers for the last hour).


Ultimately, the most important thing of any Christmas party is for you and your guests to let your hair down and have some fun! ’Tis the season to be jolly after all!

To enquire about booking a superstar DJ for your office Christmas Party please get in touch!