Wedding Band or Wedding DJ?

Which one is more important: Hiring a wedding band or DJ?

When it comes to booking entertainment for your wedding, there are two main options to consider: A Wedding Band or a Wedding DJ.

(Disclaimer: This article is aimed to sway your decision closer to the latter)

As an Entertainment Agency who specialise in providing talented DJs, we may be a little biased in our reasons why we believe DJs deliver more in wedding entertainment.

Here is why you should hire a wedding DJ:


Luxury of Music

One of the biggest advantages of having a live DJ play at your wedding is the extensive variety of songs, music, genres and styles that can be played. DJs can mix up a different variety of music to ensure the dance floor is pumping at all times, and of course mix it up when things need changing.

DJs have the variety of playing range of different genres including rock, pop, dance, funk, 70s, 80s, 90s, RnB, Hip Hop, classics and anything in between!


Live mixing

Having all your favourite songs played live whilst mixed by a professional DJ we believe is an art. Live mixing keeps audiences engaged and excited, and doesn’t make music boring. Our DJs have experience playing at a variety weddings and events, and are skilled in playing the right songs and the right times, ensuring energy levels are always high.


Cost / space

Some bands don’t come cheap. You might also find that the more members the band has, the increase in cost. There also needs to be consideration of space when hiring a band as they take up more room.

More members of the band = more equipment needed = less dance floor space for you and your guests’ to boogy!


Special Songs

When it comes to dancing to those key songs such as your first dance, bridal entrance etc, we find the original version of the song always works best. It is the song you want, you know and you recognise and this is something your DJ will play in crystal clear sound at that optimal sound level for you to enjoy.



Another advantage of having a Wedding DJ is the flexibility to have songs requested on the night. Our open format DJs come with thousands and thousands of songs and a bonus is that they also have option to download something on the night if you our your guests would like a particular song played that they don’t have.


Reading the crowd

Having a skilled DJ allows them to control the dance floor and vibe throughout the night. This is particularly important because if the mood of the night needs changing a DJ can do this quite easily and seamlessly.

Bands typically come prepared with a set playlist which can make it challenging to change the ambience when certain songs just don’t work due to this pre prepared playlist.



We are proud to say that all of our DJs are fun, interactive and love to entertain. We love playing at weddings and this reflecting on our body language, presentation and fun atmosphere we like to create.


To enquire about booking a DJ for your wedding or special event, please get in touch!

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