Cutting of the Wedding Cake Music

The cutting of the wedding cake represents the first official activity done as a couple (romantic right?). To make this event all the fun, you’ll need a good cutting of the wedding cake music.

Traditionally this is completed as soon as the Bride and Groom enter their wedding reception.

Once entered, the MC would direct the Bride and Groom towards the cake table, then announce to the room that the cake will be cut and to cue the photos.

Then the DJ would play what we call the ‘cutting of the wedding cake’ song. This is song is typically selected by the Bride and Groom, however we do have some great recommendations should you get stuck (we think cutting the wedding cake is a special moment, so we always suggest adding a song that is unique to the couple and adds ambience, warmth and fun).

Once the cake is cut, all glasses should be fully charged for a toast is to be celebrated by all.

Below are a list of our favourite cutting of the cake songs we like to recommend to our clients.

To listen to more Cutting of the Wedding Cake Music suggestions please visit our Ministry of DJs Entertainment official Spotify page by clicking the link below:

If cake isn’t your thing you should consider other fun alternatives such as champagne towers, cupcake towers or even doughnut towers.

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