Why You Should Hire a Saxophone Player for Your Wedding

Adding a Saxophone Player to your wedding or special event can really enhance the atmosphere on the dance floor and bring the party to life!

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Can a saxophone player collaborate with other musicians at my wedding?

A saxophone player would team up with your DJ to create a musical experience that is fun, interactive and collaborative.

Live sax sounds amazing combined with over all music genres, and blends seamlessly with the live mixing from your DJ. A talented sax player knows how to compliment and also accentuate the music being played on your big day.

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Want to hire the best saxophone players in Sydney and Melbourne?

We have an experienced team of the best, hand picked, professional sax players that have experience delivering entertainment and musical experiences at weddings and events of all shapes and sizes.

The Best saxophone players are interactive with guests and can often be seen roaming the dance floor having fun and allowing guests to enjoy that full sax experience. We can provide that with Ministry of DJs.


Check out our clips of the best saxophone players in  Melbourne and Sydney here.

Music sounds better with a live sax!