How do I pick the right venue for my wedding?

Picking the right venue for your wedding should reflect your personality and style. Wedding venue trends vary every year; from the classic reception venue, to beautiful wineries or elegant marquee soirees.


Remember, no matter what you decide, every venue is truly unique and special.


We know that It is never easy picking that ‘perfect’ venue for your special day with so many variables to consider; ranging from location to pricing. We thought given our experience working at many weddings over the years, we’d start you off with some considerations.

  • Your gut feeling – don’t ignore that initial feeling you get when you first visit the venue (is it love at first sight?)
  • Space and allocation – will it cater for all your guests comfortably and more importantly will there be room for the dancefloor?
  • Distance & logistical factors including travel and transport considerations – how easy is it for guests to get to the venue or do you need to arrange transport options?
  • That all important wet weather plan – does the venue have options for inclement weather?


The good news for you is that Ministry of DJs Entertainment have had great exposure to Sydney and Melbourne’s biggest and smallest wedding venues, so please do not hesitate to ask our advice when it comes to choosing your venue, we are always happy to help!

Photo credit : Angie C Photography