How to pick a wedding DJ?

You’ve booked your venue (the hardest part in our opinion!), selected your menu, shortlisted your guestlist, picked your wedding attire – now it’s time to book the most important element of the night, your wedding DJ!

Ministry of DJs Entertainment are here to make your selection as stress-free and smooth as possible.


We work closely with all our clients to gather key information on what you want your wedding entertainment and DJ to look like, so that we can find the perfect fit for you.


Some of the information we ask you from our initial consultation may include:

  • Type of music styles you like
  • Demographic of audience attending your wedding
  • Venue, style, vibe and location


Once we have this information, we search through our hand picked database of talent to find you a ‘perfect match’ for your wedding.

Following this step, you will then receive all the key information about your wedding DJ including their biography. Your wedding DJ will then follow up with a personalised phone call a week before your wedding, so that you can become acquainted ahead of your big day and be assured you are both on the same page with regards to your wedding playlist.


We are proud to offer professional, approachable and knowledgeable wedding DJs who know how to read a crowd and really get the party started! We also have the option of including some live elements in addition to your DJ hire that include saxophone players and percussionists. All our wedding DJs and musicians that work for our brand are trusted, experienced and absolute professionals in their trade.