How do I choose the right music for my wedding?

Music is what makes the dancefloor come alive and get the guests up and dancing.

The key to making the music work for you includes having the right songs played at the right time. This is where our experienced and talented wedding DJs come to life!


It is important that we get input from our clients to ensure we curate the ‘soundtrack of your life’.


As part of the planning process ahead of each wedding, we gather information from clients that include what key songs they would like played and when (ie first dance) to ensure our wedding DJs play them at the right time.

Our musical database covers thousands of songs spanning across all key genres, so there is plenty to choose from!  We also welcome clients who just want the DJ to ‘read the crowd’ and play whatever gets people moving, which all our wedding DJs are trained to do.

We love seeing people getting their feet moving and having fun on the dancefloor thanks to the sounds we deliver!

Photo Credit: Fern & Stone photography